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The city of Trento stands at the centre of the Valle dell´Adige valley.
Both its geography and history – such as the Council held here in the 16th Century – have helped make Trento a repository of art and culture

featuring the Castello del Buonconsiglio, the towers, Renaissance palaces, churches, and museums as well as the leading events held in the city.

The Alp

The Monte Bondone overlooks the city on the east, beyond the river. This is known as the Alp of Trento and stands at 2000 meters above sea level, offering tourists spectacular views of the surrounding Alps and Dolomites.

Trento: art, culture
and nature!

The Tre Cime del Monte Bondone Integral Nature Reserve and the Alpine Botanical Gardens are also a must for visitors.

Hiking trails with numerous starting points are scattered all around, and also mountain-bike routes and cycle paths, and sport centres catering for both indoor and outdoor sports: sport-lovers will find their heart’s content here. The fascinating Valle dei Laghi valley is located West of the city, behind Monte Bondone. Favoured by a mild climate, the area is overlooked by pools of water and dotted with romantic castles. Sweet Vino Santo, schnapps, distilled liquors and other typical products of the region are still manufactured here following traditional procedures.
The city of Trento stretches along the Valle dell’Adige valley towards the north, leaving behind a row of small towns before reaching the vineyard gardens of the Piana Rotaliana. High-quality Trentino’s wines and sparkling wines/spumanti are manufactured here by small cellars, skilled winegrowers, large winegrowing cooperatives as well as some by the most prestigious spumante-makers.

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