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It is also possible to go on enjoyable and relaxing walks through the Ledro Valley.

The trails are easy to follow, which makes them accessible to all campers independent of their fitness level.

The lake

The lakeside trail is flat and has beautiful scenic views.

Tour through
the Ledro Alps

Two other possibilities that are recommended are the Concei Valley and the Pur Valley, which allow you to go on relaxing walks while entirely immersed in nature and in the midst of lush green forests. Mount Tremalzo is also worth mentioning as it is recommended by those who enjoy mountain excursions. Naturally, it is also possible to go on a tour through the Ledro Alps and to go horse-riding along the lakeside in total tranquility and in the company of our animal friends.

walks immersed in nature and in the midst of lush green forests

Of course, all of the Camping Al Sole’s guests receive a map of the CAI/SAT trails.

  • Giro delle Cime
  • Ferrata Cima Capi
  • Verso il Monte Corno
  • Attorno al Monte Carone
  • Percorso storico – naturalistico a Dromaè
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