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Round out a well-deserved vacation day with a confortable massage. Is there anything better? Massages affect the human being as a whole, relax tense muscles and strengthen the immune system.

Leave yourself in the capable hands of our Chiva Som team and try everything that’s good for you.

Classic Massage - 50,00 €

An energy massage, it encourages the rhythm of blood and lymphatic circulation, ideal for after intense sportive activity as it helps eliminate lactic acid, providing unforgettable benefit.

Draynage Massage - 50,00 €

Slow, light and repetitive rubbing aimed at draining, cooling down and soothing the body, in order to reduce water retention and swelling. It strengthens the body thanks to its depurative power; it cleans and thus improves lymphatic circulation. Ideal to reduce swelling and feelings of heaviness in the legs and edema.

Anti stress Massage - 40,00 €

A massage technique that liberates the mind, tones and works on the muscular system releasing contractions and rendering movements more elastic. It also stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system and aids the elimination of toxins. It is particularly recommended for those looking to overcome fear, anxiety and for anyone seeking to eliminate all the negative consequences that derive from stress.

Sport Massage - 50,00 €

The Massage in the Sport is effective a lot in preparation that in the post-practical sportswoman; sitting of massage like preparation contribuirscono to improve the performances, thanks to the psycho-physical predisposition that creates, to at best prepare the specific muscular zones for second of the job that must carry out; after the sport sitting it is still more important, in particular if the “sportsman” has ecceduto in its performances: it decongests and rilassa all the woven ones, favoring the natural process of catabolicaelimination, in particular for the elimination of lactic acid and the muscular contractures.

Partial Massagee - 25,00 €

An energy massage which concentrates on the back, ideal for dissolving contractions derived from poor posture and muscle tension. It can also focus on the legs in order to help blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminating lactic acid for a feeling of lightness.

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