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The waters are cold but shallow

Canyoning is descending along a torrent of water on the slopes of a mountain range.

The equipment needed is the following:

  • a helmet
  • a wetsuit
  • a safety jacket
  • a harness
  • hiking boots.

A professional service to its guests!

Camping Al Sole works with ‘Canyon Adventures’ (for more information visit:, in order to be able to offer a professional service to its guests.

Canyoning is not an extreme sport although care should be taken as the torrents often run through narrow gorges that are deeply dug into the rock with steep drops and waterfalls, which renders it difficult to go backwards or to exit the canyon.

Camping Al Sole


One follows the torrent on foot, without using boats or canoes, and usually in the direction indicated by the water thanks to diving, jumping, sliding or roping.

canyoning | Canyoning on Trentino Dolomites, Italy. Ledro Lake

An unforgettable vacation

A single structure with many advantages
Val di Ledro Camping Al Sole
    Val di Ledro Camping Al Sole


  • Pool
  • Surrounded by nature
  • Directly on the lake
  • Private beach
  • Dog friendly