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do you love walking in the mountains? If the answer is yes, then get your backpack ready, the Ledro Valley is waiting for you. The choice is huge, whether you are an experienced hiker looking for a route that will put you to the test, or whether you simply want to enjoy a walk in the mountains with your family.

Mountain bike

inside our campsite you will find Ledro Bike Rentals/ , a professional bike repair and rental shop for bicycles, e-bikes and mountain bikes. When you are faced with a wide choice of routes, it is difficult to choose where to start. In this case, our advices are simple: let a Ledro Bike Rentals expert show you the most attractive and suitable routes, or take part in guided tours.


imagine being able to float in the middle of the air, to be gently rocked by the wind hundreds of metres above the ground. To be far away from everything and everyone. Have you managed it? Now, try to visualise the landscape around you and below you. Imagine a rising sun and a calm light that colours everything orange and red. It is a feeling that is difficult to explain in words, something you have to experience first hand.


if you are looking for an adventure in nature, canyoning is an activity worth considering. Let the experienced guides of Canyon Adventures guide you through the various streams in the area. The routes are divided into levels of difficulty, so don't be afraid to find something out of your comfort zone. For more information visit the Canyon Adventures or drop by the campsite reception.

Rock Climbing

are you a fan of this sport? You are in the right place. Arriving in the Alto-Garda and Ledro area you will be spoilt for choice when faced with the hundreds of possible climbing routes with levels of difficulty that will satisfy any climber. Starting from our campsite, the nearest possible routes are the Pizzocol Falesia, located in Val Concei, and Cima Capi, on the Ponale trail.


thanks to the low intensity of the wind, the water of Lake Ledro is almost always calm, creating an excellent environment for those who wish to practice this sport safely.For individual lessons and courses, visit the headquarters of the A.S.D Canoe- Kayak Ledro association, located directly on the Besta beach, next to our campsite. For hire of equipment you can contact Ledro Bike Rentals here on the campsite.


thanks to its geographical position, Lake Ledro is considered an ideal training ground for team and match racing. A breeze that blows from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. from east to west makes the lake a privileged racing area.


SUP, or Stand Up Paddle, is a water sport that has gained popularity over the years because of its simplicity and entertainment. It is an activity for which no special knowledge is required, and is an easy and fun way to approach water sports. You can hire SUPs from Ledro Bike Rentals on the campsite or from the canoe hire shop on Besta beach.


the Circolo Tennis Ledro, recognised as one of the best 100 in Italy, is located on the Besta beach, just next to our campsite. To access it, you must be registered on https://ctledro.prenotatennis.it


staring at a spot on the surface of the water while waiting for a fish to bite our well-positioned bait, perhaps while sitting on a chair by the lake or in a boat lulled by the waves, is a way to get away from the frenetic rhythm of work and everyday life, in favour of a small moment of peace and quiet. If this is something you have never tried, then I can tell you that if you give it a try, you will not be disappointed; if, on the other hand, it is a feeling you already know, then I invite you to rediscover it. Fishing on Lake Ledro does not require a licence, you only need a daily or weekly permission which can be purchased online here or here.