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Your pets are very much welcomed in our campsite, whether on the tent pitches, in a mobile home or in a bungalow.

This natural and green land is perfect for taking a walk with your animal friends.
In order to respect your neighbours, the dog must be on a leash so that he can’t stray to the other tent pitches. A part of our beach is reserved for you and your pet and if you wish you can...

...have a swim together!

Walking together
in nature!

Camping Al Sole

Run free

For those who are feeling a little lazy, there is an enclosed area where you can let your pet run free.

pets | Camping with Dog on Ledro Lake. Trentino Dolomites, Italy

An unforgettable vacation

A single structure with many advantages
Val di Ledro Camping Al Sole
    Val di Ledro Camping Al Sole


  • Pool
  • Surrounded by nature
  • Directly on the lake
  • Private beach
  • Dog friendly